LPG Portability Scheme – Steps to Transfer Your Connection

port lpg gas cylinderLPG Portability Scheme has been launched in various parts across India and will be available pan India in the coming years. Now, you can choose the gas company you like and even the distributor in the same company. It’s your choice now.  If you are transferring from your distributor to another within the same company, there is no need to surrender the cylinder, but you should if it is another company. This process is online now and you should visit your LPG company website to proceed further. It is free of cost right now. No transfer fees or security deposit.

All you need to do is to
• Visit your Company’s website
• See which distributors are available in your cluster
• See their star ratings based on their refill delivery performance
• Make your choice of company/distributor
• Surrender your equipment to the old distributor if you are changing the company
• Visit your new distributor and get your new cylinder/equipment

Now, all the LPG companies are showing portability links on their sites homepages. Following are the links to their websites.
Bharat Gas: http://www.ebharatgas.com/pages/index.html
HP Gas: http://dcms.hpcl.co.in/ConsumerPortal/Logging/SecureLogin.aspx
Indane: http://indane.co.in/