Making unique Diwali wallpapers and greeting cards

Diwali or Deepvali is also known as festival of lights and celebrated not only by Hindus, but Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists too.

As the festival is coming near, techies are busy with making Diwali Wallpapers to decorate their desktops and Diwali Greeing Cards to send in emails. Commonly, all these guys will search on greeting card and wallpaper sites like DGreetings and 123Greetings to download the wallpapers. Why not we go in a different way and make unique wallpapers and cards. Here you go:

Flickr and Picasa are the less known great resources for high-resolution images for any need. There are lot of images available with CC license. These are taken by people like you and me and you can easily get permission from them to use it even commercially. If you just want to use it on your desktop or to make greeting to share with friends, I do not think you need permission. Try the below searches and see the great images you can use as Diwali Wallpaper and Greeting Cards:

Diwali search on Picasa | Diwali search on Flicker

Below are few images I have downloaded from which you can assess the quality of these images.



So, what you are waiting for…..go and search for Diwali Wallpapers on Flickr and Picasa.

Image Credit:  First Photo | Second Photo