New Orkut interface – only through invitation

OrkutOrkut got a redesign with new and enhanced interface as well as speed.  The new site is built using Google Web Toolkit and Orkut claims that it works more faster.  The new features include:

  • Simple design, which makes it faster.  Fewer pages and everything right from a single page is what makes the speed.  Chatting, watching videos, browsing friends, and communities everything from the homepage.
  • Personalization.  You can customize the homepage as you wish.  Modify the colors, add OpenSocial applications, and customize “About Me” section in the new interface made easy and more elegant.
  • Easy navigation.  Navigation window on Google homepage is embedded in Orkut too making it easy to access other Google products with ease.
  • Multi-photo uploads.  Now you can upload multiple photos at a single click at three times faster than previous.  Also, share the albums with your friends at a single click too.
  • Comment on your friends’ updates.  Now, you can comment on your friends’ updates.  Just start typing anywhere in the updates and you will see a button to post the comments.

Check out all the new features here.  Read this post on Orkut’s official  blog.

Currently Orkut’s new interface is available via invitation only.  Get yourself entered in the waiting list by providing your email in the waiting list.


Ask your friend or someone who has been already using the new interface.  You can see a big purple “O” sign in their profile.